1. Before the war

Wanda Turczyńska was born March 23, 1932 in Warsaw.

Her father, Boleslaw Turczyński, after his return from Siberia he graduated from the Warsaw Conservatory, and was conductor of the Warsaw power plant workers. He belonged to the Siberia survivor’s circle, was sympathetic to PPS (polish socialist party). His mother, Helena nee Bor, was a nurse and worked at the Military Hospital in Warsaw. Older sister, Sophia, in June ‘39 graduated from elementary school.

In the early thirties of the twentieth century the family lived on the street Twarda 15 in Warsaw. In this house about 70% of people were Jews and only 30% Poles. Between the neighbors and Wanda’s parents were very good friendly relations.

In 1935, Turczyńscy moved to Brwinów, where they built a house. At 28 Leśna Street lived as well Bolesław’s parents (his father died before the war, his mother after the war) and the house sitter.

In the countryside lived several Jewish families, whose members’ dress did not stand out in comparison to the other residents. Relations between them and the Wanda’s family unfolded as well as in Warsaw. The closest living family were Gelbardowie, who had one son – Wiesia (German mother, the father of Jewish origin). In addition Wanda also remembers Karwasers, Weisblatts, Świecs and Trajmans. zb&tw

The House in Brwinów

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